Kids Jokes

Earlier bro & sis used to fight on

who will read the newspaper first…








Now they fight on who will check or update

their Facebook profile status


by Heather

Why student fails in exam?

It's not the fault of the student if he/she fails, because the year has an ONLY 365 days.Typical academic year for a student.

Sundays 52, Sundays in a year, which are rest days. Balance 313 days.

Summer holidays 50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study. Balance 263 days.

8 hours daily sleep means 122 days. Balance 141 days.

1 hour for daily playing (good for health) means 15 days. Balance 126 days.

Two hours daily 1 for food & other delicacies (chew properly & eat) means 30 days. Balance 96 days.

1 hour for talking (man is a social animal) means 15 days. Balance 81 days.

Exam days per year at least 35 days. Balance 46 days.

Quarterly, Half yearly and festival holidays) 40 days. Balance 6 days.

For sickness at least 3 days. Balance 3 days.

Movies and functions at least 2 days. Balance 1 day.

That 1 day is your Birthday.


by nicole

''The POLITE Way to PEE!"

Teacher trying to teach good manners asked her students this question:

Michael if u were on a date having di�ner with a nice young lady, how wud u tell her that u hav to go to the bathroom?

Michael, "Just a min i hav to go pee".

Teacher: That would be rude & impolite. How about u SAM. Sam said "i really need 2 go 2 toilet, i m sorry". Teacher, "that's better but still not nice to say word toilet. Oh u little Jonny can u use ur brain?

JONNY said,

"Darling,may i plz b excused for a moment?I've 2 shake hands with a very dear frnd of mine, whom i hope 2 introduce 2 u after diner" :-p


by Darren

TEACHER: David, name one important thing

we have today that we didn't have ten years ago.

David: Me!


by Heather

Tom : How should I convey the

news to my father that I've failed?

David: You just send a telegram:

Result declared, past year's performance repeated.


by Brad

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