Friends-forever Sms

"When you are up in ur life,your friends know who you are,


When you are down in life,you know who your frnds are"


by Amber

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SUCCESS & RELATION Never Depend On The Size Of Ur Brain..

It Always Depepnd On The Size Of Thoughts


If v keep Good Thought in Mind

v can keep Good Relation.


by olivia

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Friends r like fishes.

U have to sit patiently for a long time

to catch a good one.

Just like I caught u.

so better stay nice otherwise

I will FRY YOU..;)


by katie

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Promise me we are true friends

I am lamp you are light

I am Coke you are Sprite

I am Sawan you are badal

I am Normal you are Pagal

I am Water you are Tanki

I am Tarzan you are Monkey


by Megan

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Don't Love a Friend who Hurts U

Don't Hurt a Friend who Loves U.


by Rebecca

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